We must limit government where it is not needed, and we must create opportunities for jobs. Improving schools, maintaining military facilities, and farming and agriculture is of the foremost significance.

Farmers of South Georgia

Farmers of South Georgia


What does that mean?  That means that the regulations that  stunt growth and opportunity must cease. Agriculture is of vital importance in this state.  Farmers must have a seat at the table to get the job done to protect their resources.

We must protect farming and agriculture.  Why? Agriculture is a way of life for many and the number one industry in many states including Georgia; again, farmers must have a seat at the table to get the job done

We must not raise taxes on an already weakened economy.  We must find opportunities for jobs allowing our taxpayers to keep more of the monies that they make. 

“Everything we need is already in place. We have a constitution that simply needs to be honored, protected, and above all respected.”
— Vivian Childs